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Migros Aare

«Lots of expertise, excellent accessibility and flexibility.»

Our goal:
Finding out what the agile working world and its organisational forms can do for us. Obtaining guidance in choosing the right form and support with its application.

What we have achieved so far:
We were able to plan the reorganisation of our HR department with an agile role model and are in the process of implementing it. The model is supported and accepted by the entire company.

What we appreciate in the collaboration:
An open dialogue. We felt that we received individual support. We were able to find a solution that is specifically tailored to our situation and it is universally accepted. Additionally, currents&tides left it up to us to determine the pace and the rhythm of our interactions.

Who should follow this path:
This is an excellent solution for other HR departments or entire companies looking for an agile, strength-oriented approach and seeking their own model.

Why we recommend currents&tides:
Highly pragmatic and open approach tailored to us and our specific needs, without tedious textbook methods. Lots of expertise, excellent accessibility and flexibility. Thank you so much for the fantastic support and all the good input!


Birgit Meier-Hobmeier, Head HR Management Directorate