André Ilg

I accompany you on your journey and keep you on track. My compass is set to creativity, intuition and passion. In my backpack, I have a wealth of experience and expertise in management, change and organisation. Whatever we achieve together - great or small – it’s bound to be an adventure! I love what I do – this is the only way to connect with you and your needs!

Ursula Jucker

My mind is perfectly attuned to your needs. I make things happen, explore new options, develop them – and help you develop. I feel very delighted that I have been able to do the things I love most over the last years: being a faithful companion to people and companies as they travel their own unique path.

Stefanie Weck-Rauprich

Dare the unknown, discover the new. Fresh and curious, bold but gentle, supportive and sometimes surprising, intuitive and informed, exploring with empathy - that's how I accompany you on our journey.

Angela Wortmann

I question, I explore, I empathise and I build bridges. For many years, I've helped individuals and businesses integrate their rainbow diversity into their everyday lives.

Lana Milanovic

The world is my home - with my backpack and my laptop. From my digital back office, I closely support our clients, no matter how far apart we are. Always in my pocket are my positive mindset and an empathic approach. Optimisation is second nature to me. One question I’ve been asking as long as I can remember: “Is there an easier way?”

Annett Wagner

Travel is the wind in my sails and nature my balancing anchor. Together we will go on an adventure, filled with enjoyment, thoughtfulness and focus. By finding your roots, we will discover your wings.

Harald Mayer

Leadership through personality, my drive, my motivation and my challenge - every day afresh.

who we are

Seven currents
- one tide

Who we are

Lana Milanovic

This is what we believe

fresh! We believe in friendship, good talks and long summer nights.

unique! We believe that organisations should serve people – not the other way around.

quick! We believe in jumping in at the deep end.

yes! We believe in “as well as” rather than “either…or”.

smart! We believe that new ways of working always require inner development, not just a change of circumstances.

bright! We don’t believe in old or new – we believe in the right mix at the right time.