what we do

You can’t plan an adventure.
That’s what we love about it.

Fresh wind in your hair, a smile on your face, sand between your toes …

If only! But most adventures have downsides: stormy waters, bad weather, rocks in the road – all kinds of obstacles.

When you’re unable to plan you just have to be ready. currents&tides prepares you for the unexpected and keeps you calm and at ease when nothing goes according to your plans.

We have expertise in

Working for the future

Today is tomorrow’s yesterday. The world of work turns quickly. How do we stimulate change instead of just reacting to it?

We create an environment where you develop and realise visions for your organisation, even in the face of resistance and obstruction.

Unleashing potential

A river springs forth from deep within. Knowing who you are and what you want is essential to thrive in your career. Being in touch with yourself means being mindful - with yourself, with your team and with the entire company.

Leadership culture

People trust people. That's especially true when you have a leadership role. Your views and opinions, your idea of people, your perspective and your attitude make the difference. All of this is vital to create an environment where people enjoy doing their work.

This is how it looks!

You set the sails, we are the wind: your journey begins right where you are and it ends wherever you want.

You and we – we and you: just come as you are, we add our experience and know-how. Together we build the ship that carries you to your new world of work.

We accompany you, advise you, guide you, challenge you, and if we have to, we'll stand on our heads to come up with new perspectives.

No matter whether you laugh or cry, dream or dance: we stand by your side – as fellow human beings. Always.

Your personal adventure starts here:


1.5 Days

Or: why you like to get up in the morning.


We explore the direction and orientation of your team and your organisation. 

Purpose and direction mean much more than having a strategy and setting goals: it’s the reason to get up in the morning, to work together, and to be committed to your team and your organisation. 

We also look at the issue of added value – because all our actions are directed at the creation of value and the needs of our clients.

Unleashing potential

2 Days

Your team, your contribution.


Every single one of us is important if we want to stand up to the complex world we’re facing. That’s why the spotlight is on teamwork:

Discovering the strengths and perspectives of all team members and focusing on the same goal is the basis for a stable team. 

Respect for each other fosters self-confidence and makes the team effective. This is the only way to unleash potential.

Assuming a role

2 Days

My role, your role. How to find our role and become effective.


Clearly defined roles allow us to work effectively and efficiently. 

We familiarise ourselves with different roles and define a workable structure for your team or your organisation. 

We also discuss the decision-making powers of each role and their potential to go beyond their limits.

Personal development

1 – x Days

Reach your potential. Focus on your personal development.


Assuming a role requires personality.

We learn the “principle of personal accountability” and develop strategies for detecting and managing “tensions”. We talk about trust and the courage to openly address problems to enable us to grow together.

Team effectiveness

2 Days

All in the same boat. How do we become effective as a team?


“Tensions” are positive or negative triggers for the development in four different spaces:

  • Operative space
  • Governance space
  • Relational space
  • Individual space

We discover how a team can resolve tensions in each of these four spaces. We also test new meeting formats, for example to clear up operative tensions, to clarify the team dynamic, or resolve emotional tensions.

Making decisions

1 Day

Without hesitation? Who decides what, when and how?


Who has the authority to make a decision?

We look at different ways and methods to make quick and efficient decisions. We discover what decision follows each type of tension, and we learn to jointly define the decision-making process.

Stability and agility

2 Days

Agile and stable – even in the face of resistance and obstruction.


Being agile means having a stable “operating system” and variable “apps” to quickly adapt to changing market conditions.

We focus on the following questions:

What structures, processes and rules are required to provide reliability and stability? How can an organisation evolve in accordance with its needs and from within?

Division of leadership

2 Days

No leadership, no solution?


Clearly, even the new working world needs leadership.

But with a fundamental change: leadership is not a single role. It is divided according to strengths, passions and abilities. We get to the bottom of the process of learning (and unlearning) and explore how leadership can be revitalised to strengthen us and our team.

Culture and values

2 Days

Understanding and transforming your own culture.


The entire organisation with its explicit and implicit cultural symbols, patterns and dynamics changes as it transforms to the new world of working. 

We learn to understand supportive and limiting factors and formulate, develop and determine values and behaviour patterns for the culture we strive for.

Let's talk about your own adventure! We look forward to hearing from you!