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«Everyone is encouraged to bring their own problems and ideas to the table.»

Our goal:
Supporting the change from a classical hierarchical organisation to a network organisation with flat structures and clear roles.

What we have achieved so far:
Our current setup is based on a circular structure, we have a clear meeting structure, specific assigned roles, and our decision-making process is well-defined. We have a playbook with information about everything that is important to us. We have assigned the responsibilities and authorities so as to include far more individuals in the management of the organisation. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own problems and ideas to the table.

What we appreciate in the collaboration:
Your experience with the entire subject matter and your know-how of the processes that are expected in this kind of organisational change; very well prepared and conducted workshops; your personal support; you’re always open to questions and concerns. And your patience and confidence in sensitive and difficult matters.

Why we recommend currents&tides:
Because of the vast experience you have with topics such as the VUCA world, new work, agility, etc., and your personal support. Our sincere thanks for helping us get to the point we have reached! 


Margrit Lienhard, Co-General Manager